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T2T launches services to transform fashion brands into sustainable businesses

April 17, 2023

At T2T, we have seen that the need for sustainable transformation in the fashion industry is imminent. That is why we are proud to announce the launch of our new services, aimed at helping fashion brands achieve this goal.

The fashion industry has long been considered one of the most polluting and wasteful industries globally. With the rise of fast fashion and an increasingly disposable culture, it has become imperative to take action to mitigate the negative impact of the industry on the environment and be part of the circular economy.

This is where T2T comes in. To assist fashion firms in making the shift to a more sustainable and circular business model, we provide a number of services. From transformational consulting to technology and services, we work with our clients to find areas where sustainability may be integrated and to develop circular business models that extend the lifecycle of products and minimize waste.

One of the challenges that fashion brands face is the legislative changes around sustainability and the circular economy. EU new legislation will require retailers and brands to take responsibility for the cost of recycling their unsold stock. As a result, companies will need to invest in new technologies and processes to adapt. They will also need to provide team and employer training to ensure that their employees are equipped with the necessary skills to implement these changes.

Knowledge, experience and technology


With over 20 years of experience providing solutions, T2T is well-positioned to help companies navigate these challenges. Our team of experts has an integral view of the value chain, allowing us to offer different levels of services according to customer needs. Whether our clients need consulting, services, or digital tools, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to deliver a powerful proposal that will help them grow.

Jordi Blasco, T2T’s CEO and founder, believes that transforming business practices is essential for reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. “Let’s work on the transformation with facts instead of nice words”, he states.

«Style should be a sustainable act»


Our manifesto highlights what we believe to be really important: we think that the fashion industry ought to be sustainable. That is why we seek to accompany and inspire the transformation towards sustainability and ethical responsibility in the fashion industry. We recognize that many companies may find it difficult to adjust to these changes, therefore we offer our expertise to assist them in integrating sustainable practices throughout their supply chains. Through the promotion of innovation and the development of sustainable technologies, we can help companies reduce their environmental and social impact and improve their long-term profitability. We work closely with our clients to create innovative solutions that enable them to move towards a more sustainable and ethical future in the fashion business.

By working with T2T, fashion brands will be able to reduce their carbon footprint, increase their use of sustainable materials, and improve the durability of their products. By the use of our services, businesses will be able to take the essential steps in the direction of a more circular and sustainable business model while also gaining from improved profitability and competitiveness.

At T2T, we are committed to creating a positive impact on the planet through our innovative and transformative solutions. By partnering with us, fashion brands can be part of the solution and contribute to a more sustainable future for everyone. Learn more about us on our website and how we can help your company transform towards sustainability. Contact us!

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