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Main sustainability challenges for manufacturers in the fashion industry

New legislations in the sector

With the growing awareness of sustainability and environmental responsibility, new legislations are emerging, requiring textile manufacturers to meet higher environmental and sustainability standards. This will include requirements for the use of sustainable raw materials, waste processing and carbon footprint management, among others.

Global competition & higher requirements

Globalization has led to increased competition in the industry, with manufacturers around the world competing for the same clients, customers and markets. To remain competitive, manufacturers will need to be on top of the high demands and standards.

Technological advances

Technology is changing rapidly, and manufacturers in the textile industry must be aware of and adapt to advances to stay ahead of the curve. This can include automating processes, implementing digital solutions and adopting innovative technologies to improve efficiency and product quality.

How T2T can help to transform your business

T2T Consultancy

We offer customized consulting services for manufacturers in the fashion industry. Check our sustainability model or contact our sales team for further information.

T2T Services

With our knowledge and experience in the fashion sector, we are able to help manufacturers to carry out specific processes and adapt to new trends and market demands.

T2T Tech

We offer manufacturers the ability to deeply analyze and understand their data and optimize end-to-end processes, enabling them to make informed decisions to drive any area of their business.

End-to-end solutions for manufacturers

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