Integral sustainability consultancy services

Our consultancy services are focused on sustainability and circular economy in the fashion industry. Our team of experts offers a wide range of services to help fashion brands and manufacturers implement sustainable practices in their operations. From ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy to ecodesign, supply chain management, product development, retail, and marketing, we provide tailored solutions to address the unique challenges and opportunities of each client. Our goal is to guide our clients towards a more sustainable and circular fashion industry, where economic growth is balanced with social and environmental responsibility.

ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance

Through our consultancy services, we focus on helping companies implement sustainability strategies and policies that foster a sustainable culture and generate a positive impact on society and the environment. We begin with a diagnosis of the company’s situation in relation to the market and the competition to identify areas for improvement and establish sustainability objectives considering double materiality. We develop diversity and talent programs, equality plans and team training to promote a sustainable culture in companies. We also offer services for preparing Corporate Sustainability Reports, commitments and sectoral alliances to position companies as sustainable leaders.
In addition, we establish Sustainable Development Goals, an Ethical Code of Conduct, internal policies and complaint channels, we assist in B Corp certification and guarantee compliance with the new regulations. We work with companies to help them develop a robust and transparent ESG management approach that enables long-term value to be generated for all stakeholders.
Environmental Pillar Social Pillar Governance Pillar
Climate change
Human capital
Corporate governance
Natural capital
Product liability
Corporate behavior
Pollution and waste
Responsibility in the supply chain
Environmental opportunities
Social opportunities


We offer consultancy specialized services in ECO-Design for fashion companies that seek to lead the digital transformation and adapt to the new era. Our services include digital product design, virtual fabric, trim modeling, clothing and accessories, virtual try-ons, and online shopping, reducing unnecessary costs such as oversampling, endless feedback, and market uncertainty.
In addition, we provide collaborative design services that enable interaction with vendors and independent designers, gamified testing, social media launches, and online opportunities to enhance the design process. Using tools such as the virtual photography studio, creation of virtual outfits, simulations of virtual stores and windows, mixed reality and virtual models, we capture the attention of the consumer.

Operations planning

At our company, we specialize in planning operations that cover every essential process, from strategic and merchandise planning to buying, sizing, pricing, and stock plans. We help solve common issues such as lack of communication between planning phases and product attribute definitions, as well as the need for top-bottom and bottom-up reconciliation. Our solutions are standardized, including macro planning and ERP support, and we also transform processes through pre-season planning and in-season retargeting.

Our toolbox includes all necessary planning processes and analytics tools, ranging from Excel to specialized ERPs. We measure the success of our projects through increased sales, margin, rotation, surplus, OTB, and markdown rates.

Supply Chain

We offer the diagnosis and evaluation of the supply chain, as well as in the development of incentive systems to improve the ESG performance of the value chain.
We address general problems such as the lack of a reputational risk plan and compliance, ignorance of the supply chain and difficulties in traceability systems, providing solutions adapted to your business such as responsible purchasing programs, approval and audit of suppliers, standard of sustainable product and product safety and innovation. From tools such as data digitization and impact measurement to transform the supply chain. In addition to empowering suppliers through communication transparency and shared objectives with the client company to achieve the KPIs/OKRs of project success.

Product management

Our Product Management services provide a comprehensive approach to budgeting processes, analyzing top-down and bottom-up planning phases for all budget phases, from strategic and merchandise plans to allocation and replenishment systems.

We address common issues such as the lack of pre-season planning and in-season retargeting to correct budget deviations, absence of an open-to-buy strategy, and lack of planning calendars. Our standard solutions include implementing all planning phases and utilizing in-house tools like Excel templates and market ERPs. Key concepts like margin improvement, open-to-buy, integrated planning processes, surplus reduction, and increased stock rotation drive our transformation efforts. We create optimal planning calendars for both pre-season and in-season periods to improve project success measured by increased LFL sales, margin improvement, surplus reduction, and increased stock rotation.

DTC Retail & Marketing

We help our clients in the selection of premises, planning and execution, as well as in the operation of stores. We focus on addressing general issues such as the suitability of the location, the obtaining of permits, the development of the store’s operating model and the implementation of control and monitoring tools.

To ensure the success of the project, it is essential to operate in an omnichannel environment, maintaining fluid contact with all areas, such as purchasing, visual merchandising, planning, marketing, IT, HR and administration. We set objectives and monitoring parameters for each process, such as sales volume, quantity, conversion, average price and expense ratios for personnel, rent and supplies. We try to improve your store’s performance and achieve success in the retail market.

Circular economy

Circular Economy is a production system that utilizes pre and post-consumer waste to create products with the aim to reuse, remake and recycle, while also considering the use of sustainable raw materials. Strategies for designing, manufacturing and using products for circularity are crucial in this process. However, there is a lack of regulation and incentives for textile recycling, as well as insufficient technology and consumer awareness of its value. Standard solutions include quantifying the company’s carbon and water footprint, reducing emissions and chemicals, and implementing recovery, reuse and recycling programs.

Companies can promote the development of new systems and infrastructure that align with the collection systems through the implementation of the 10 Rs: Reject, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Renovate, Remake, Reconvert, Recycle, and Recover. Including circular services in the company’s strategy can also help in this transformation.

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